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Putting our best helmet forward

Human Powered Health and LEM Helmets continue collaboration

The Human Powered Health™ helmet collection from LEM Helmets has had a makeover for the 2022 season. Sporting the team’s new livery, the graphically redesigned lids have been on display from the sun-kissed roads of the Volta a Valenciana to the mucky cobbles of Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne. 

Founded in Italy in 1972, the now California-based helmet company will equip the riders with their trio of high-performance Motiv™ Family of road helmets, including the Motiv™Attack aero-performance helmet built for speed on the sprints, carbon Motiv™Air for all-around lightweight performance, and sleek Motiv™Aero for time trials for the second year running.

“We’re excited as we move into our second year of partnership with the teams, and are looking forward to continuing our support of the team’s growth and success on the world cycling stage,” said Keith Cozzens, LEM’s global brand marketing director. “So far this season, both teams have come out of the gates in great form, and we can’t wait to witness what lies ahead this season for this world-class organization.”   

We sent photographer Tristan Cardew to shoot the new styles with Gage Hecht and Kyle Murphy.


What makes LEM helmets so great?

With 50 years of experience in performance head protection packed into a sleek modern look, the riders can be confident in staying protected while out on their bikes, as well as looking good.

“Comfort, performance, reliability and safety are absolutely key whenever our riders put on a helmet to race,” said performance manager Jonas Carney. “We have supreme confidence in the technology and protection in all of the LEM models, so we’re delighted to continue this partnership.”


As well as looking the real deal and performing when needed, LEM makes sure that their products do the first job of a helmet, by utilizing their new, proprietary GelMotion® technology to manage high- and low-impacts and rotational forces during a crash. During an impact with GelMotion, the surrounding EPS foam plus energy-absorbing gel pads work harmoniously to displace energy upon impact. And, the pads maintain their shape over time.  

The top of the range helmets also makes use of LEM’s micro-adjust fit systems to guarantee a comfortable, custom and secure hold. Using a 360-degree retention system that adjusts around the whole of a rider’s head, pressure points are reduced to increase comfort for all-day wearability, ideal for when the teams are racing day-after-day on 180km+ courses.


A helmet precision-built for performance, the lightweight MotivAir is a class above. With 23 vents and LEM Flow-Thru™ optimized ventilation system, the lightweight helmet keeps a rider cool, calm and collected even at the business end of a race.

It uses LEM’s proprietary exoCarbon™ technology to create a carbon fiber exoskeleton along with low-density EPS foam to improve the helmet’s strength-to-weight ratio and management of oblique and rotational impacts. Weighing only 220 grams (size M), it’s just what our riders need on a hot day in the mountains when they don’t want to think about an uncomfortable lid impacting their performance.


The MotivAttack is the helmet of choice when our riders need aero gains on the flat and in the sprints, giving them an advantage when the pace ramps up.

A compact helmet like this with slipstream-dimpled panels might seem like a sweaty business, but the MotivAttack has 11 vents with internal channeling to maximize temperature control, as well as iconic+™ comfort pads with real silver which provide permanent anti-odor protection. Engineered with Computational Fluid Dynamics technology (CFD) for optimized aero performance that excels on the flats and in the final sprint, sometimes you have to feel fast to go fast.


Also included in the range is the MotivAero time-trial helmet. When taking on the race of truth, our riders need to know that they trust in their equipment to shave off time where it matters most.

Kristian Aasvold racing against the clock at Gran Camino in the MotivAero.

Designed with the precision that we can trust LEM for, the helmet cuts through the air to supplement the considerable clock-racing talents on both of our squads. The MotivAero also has a handy removable magnetic tail so a rider can adjust the specification to their riding position and style. 


Look out for Human Powered Health and LEM Helmets as they head into the next stage of the season.