5 years ago by Tom Soladay

US star Brad Huff gets PEZ’d

PEZ Cycling News sits down with Huff for his retirement interview

Rider Interview: There are going to be a few missing names from the US pro scene in 2019 and Brad Huff is one of the biggest signatures not to be on the start lists next season. Ed Hood caught up with the fast-man from Missouri to hear about his career – The highs, the lows, how he got started and the future.

The 2019 US road season just won’t be the same. How come?

There will be no Brad Huff in the peloton, that’s how come. Twice US Professional Criterium champion, multiple winner on road and track with Worlds and Pan Am medals – and even the occasional six-day ride – to his name. We couldn’t let the man go without hearing his story…

PEZ: You were a ‘BMX kid’ – how did the graduation to track and road rider come about?
Brad Huff: In high school, I jumped on to a Huffy MTB (seriously) to gain some more endurance for running and I never looked back. I raced MTBs all the way through high school, actually I remember telling my American football coach that I had a race the coming weekend after a Friday night game, he just said to show up for practice on Monday.

Huff leading Eric Young to a historic victory in the Gastown Grand Prix.

PEZ: 2004, US Madison Champion; 2005 US Pursuit Champion and a Pan Am medal but you didn’t go down the ‘pure track rider’ route?
Being a pure track rider in the States didn’t have the funding back then and actually, it hasn’t had the support it truly needs to develop up until recent years. Even the multi-time World Champion team pursuit squad have done a lot of it out of their own pockets.

PEZ: 2006 and TIAA-CREF with Mr. Vaughters, tell us about that team.
I was in the right place at the right time with the right results (Elite Criterium title and Pursuit title). He was wanting to build a team pursuit squad, then shifted his focus toward the Tour shortly after we underperformed on the track.

PEZ: That year, 2006 saw you win a six-hour stage in the Tour of Normandie – tell us about that one.
That was my first ever race at the pro level in Europe. It was THE coldest day I have ever had on the bike to date. The day was slow as there was a solo rider off the front. I remember Michael Creed and I sitting at the back of the group trying to warm our hands in our sub-par gloves. We crushed the lead out and I somehow won the slightly uphill sprint against some of the best up and comers in Europe at the time. I still haven’t ever seen the finishing picture. It is the one that got away I guess? So if anyone knows where it is, please send it my way.

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