6 years ago by Tom Soladay

The inside line on Sara Bergen


Innervoice.life features Sara Bergen this week. She writes about what she can and can’t live without.

My journey to road racing was 25 years in the making. I come from what many would call a multi-sport background. From a young age I had boundless energy, whether it was bouncing around in the gym as a competitive gymnast, scampering through the mountains of BC, equestrian show jumping, or participating in school sports; I was constantly moving. In my late teens that same passion was fed with kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and multi-day backcountry “missions”. To this day, I am in that same constant state of scheming for the next chance to get out outside.

I started to be directed towards cycling when I began commuting to BCIT on an old hard tail mountain bike. My daily commute added a strange level of focus to my ride, and being me, I would hit that commute as hard as possible. This was no easy spin. There was something about “the commuter Olympics” that lit one hell of a fire in me. I knew pretty quickly I wanted to race, I just didn’t know how to start. After graduating with a degree in Architectural Science and a diploma in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology, I used what was left of my academic research scholarship to invest in my first road bike. The smooth speed of the skinny tires and stiff and responsive handling of that bike had me hooked right away.

“I believe that my mentality is what makes me a tough competitor. Through all of my early years adventuring I believe I trained myself to be tough, tenacious and passionate.”

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