4 years ago by Tom Soladay

Team partners with Colmédica for Tour Colombia 2.1

Colombian health insurance company added to Rally Cycling jersey

Rally Cycling is excited to announce a special partnership with Colmédica for the upcoming Tour Colombia 2.1 from February 11-16. The Colombian health insurance company will be featured on the team’s jersey and vehicles as part of a new initiative designed to engage with the employees and customers of UnitedHealth Group’s brands around the globe. 

Colmédica, along with Clínica del Country and Clínica La Colina, are part of UnitedHealth Group, the same as the team’s title partner, Rally Health. 

UnitedHealth Group has tens of thousands of employees outside of the United States, including 4,000 in Colombia,” said Bart Reed, VP-Marketing for UnitedHealthcare Global. “Connecting those employees with the team is a great way to help them feel connected to the enterprise.”

As part of the promotion, the team shared its Reason to Ride campaign with employees, asking them to submit “Mi razón para pedalear” for a chance to win prizes from various team partners. The team received hundreds of submissions and hosted a private dinner with winners and select guests in Bogotá ahead of the race.

“Featuring Colmédica on the Rally Cycling jersey during Colombia’s biggest bicycle race not only gives Colmédica great exposure but it also raises the visibility of the team by connecting it to a well-known local brand,” added Reed.

The ability to highlight local brand partnerships in select markets across the globe allows the team to grow its fan base and promote the sport to audiences not normally reached through traditional means

With future plans that include special partnerships in Portugal and the United Kingdom, managing director Charles Aaron believes that the team is in a unique position to redefine local level partnerships.

“We’re a global racing program and we want to encourage people to make healthier decisions, hopefully by riding bikes,” said Aaron. “When people learn to take care of themselves, they’re better able to take better care of those around them. That’s why these promotions can have such a profound impact on employees, customers, and companies as a whole.”

Three video interviews were privately released for Colmédica, Clínica del Country, and Clínica La Colina employees as part of the ongoing promotion and are now available to the public here

Stay tuned for the Tour Colombia 2.1 preview and more exciting developments from South America.