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Human Powered Health explore the turquoise coast

Team discovers the history and natural beauty of Antalya

Human Powered Health™ has assembled on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast for the second race of the year. A day before the Tour of Antalya gets going, the riders were able to sample some of the many delights the bustling city has to offer as they explore the region on their pre-ride venture. 

Having traveled to the area before, French Canadian Nick Zukowsky was a guide of sorts and is full of praise for Antalya. 

“This is my second time in Antalya and I’m happy to be back,” Zukowsky said following the ride. “The views are amazing with the Mediterranean sea and the snowy mountain peaks in the background, it really is a beautiful part of Turkey.”

The pre-ride certainly promised plenty of chances to get the tourist fix ahead of the four-day race. 


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Düden Waterfalls

First on the agenda for the team were the impressive Düden Waterfalls. They are the end-point of the Düden river, much of which runs underneath Antalya, before crashing spectacularly into the Mediterranean.

There was also the chance to meet a parrot, to which Arvid de Kleijn quipped, “where’s Ben?” In reference to our nature photographing, Valenciana king of the mountain wining, Ben King. 

Hadrian’s Gate 

From there, the team cycled back through Antalya’s history as they skirted the shimmering coast towards the historic city center, Kaleiçi. Translating to ‘inside the castle’, this area of the city is adjacent to the more modern part of the metropolis and puts into stark view the age of the area. 

Inhabited by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans and modern-day Turks, the center-piece of that great dynasty melting pot is Hadrian’s Gate. A Roman structure built in the name of free-conquering emperor Hadrian in 130CE. According to local legend, the Queen of Sheeba passed past the pillars of its predecessor on the way to visiting King Soloman. 

As athletes, the first aim is always racing but due to the nature of the sport, there is the added bonus of being able to explore a lot of the world on two wheels.

“It’s one of the many beautiful things about cycling,” Zukowksy explains. “You get to visit the surrounding area before a race and get a feel of the local culture. We get to race in so many different countries and it’s always nice to be able to discover something new when traveling.”  

The Tour of Antalya is one such event that provides that perfect blend of racing and tourism. While the team transitions into race mode, take note of the live streaming details and keep an eye on the team’s social media channels for updates from the turquoise coast.

Live schedule
Stage 1 | Side – Antalya | 6am ET | https://youtu.be/iBZC0yIJKuE
Stage 2 | Kemer – Antalya | 6am ET | https://youtu.be/CxB2pvLeRh8
Stage 3 | Aspendos – Termessos | 6am ET | https://youtu.be/PnXi4wYEEX8
Stage 4 | Antalya – Antalya | 6am ET | https://youtu.be/_SkOli4_uug