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FSA/Vision join Rally Cycling

Team partners with FSA/Vision for racing wheels and time trial bars

Rally Cycling is happy to announce a new partnership deal with Full Speed Ahead and Vision for the 2020 season. The men’s and women’s teams will race on Vision’s Metron 30, 40, and 55 SL Disc wheels in road races and Metron 81 SL Disc, Metron 3 Spoke Disc, and Metron Disc in time trials. The team will also use the Trimax Carbon SI 013 aero bars.

“We are proud to be on board and supporting such a high-level pro team like Rally Cycling,” said Claudio Marra, Vice President and Marketing Global Manager of Full Speed Ahead & Vision. “We have always believed in the importance of sponsorships to growing up with professional athletes, in addition to the technical quality that we want to provide for the team. For this reason, in the 2020 racing season, we will join the Rally Cycling, with which we have in common many features, as the international opening and vision, the American and European work program and HQs and the believing in the importance of youth and women in sport.”

“Partnering with established brands like Full Speed Ahead and Vision is a big step for our program. It gives us confidence that a company with such a long history of innovation and success believes in what we’re doing and wants to help us accomplish our goals,” announced Charles Aaron, managing director of Rally Cycling. “Full Speed Ahead, Vision and Rally Cycling share a lot of the same missions. We both support the growth of men’s and women’s cycling and want to achieve success at the highest level of the sport. As our program and expectations grow, we’ve found a partner that’s as ambitious as we are.”

“One of the most important pieces of equipment for a professional cyclist is their wheels and Full Speed Ahead and Vision have developed some of the fastest out there,” said Jonas Carney, Performance Director of Rally Cycling. “Very often races are won and lost by the smallest of margins and having superior performing equipment can make all the difference. It’s important that we give our athletes the finest tools available to achieve success. Small details matter and we’re confident that when the team uses Full Speed Ahead and Vision, they can focus on performing and not their equipment.”

For more information on Full Speed Ahead and Vision’s and the products they offer, please visit www.fullspeedahead.com/en/ and www.visiontechusa.com/en/.