5 years ago by Tom Soladay

Colorado comes to a close


The circuit was a colorful loop covering downtown Denver’s sleek business center and colorful, unique RiNo arts district. An urban circuit is a treat, full of unique angles, high speed off-camber turns, and rough pavement. It makes for unpredictable racing and a uniquely American vibe.

The final stage of the 2018 Colorado Classic came with a few extra closures for the team. It was closure on the men’s and women’s seasons for many of Rally Cycling’s athletes, with just a handful of events remaining on the calendar. Most significantly, Danny Pate hung up his cleats after nineteen years (!) in the pro peloton. The Colorado Springs native picked the perfect spot to stop pedaling for a living, and it was a bittersweet day for everyone on Rally Cycling. Pate, in typical selfless fashion, helped lead out teammate Ty Magner for a runner-up finish.

Gillian Ellsay’s Best Young Rider jersey was on the line in Colorado’s final stage. Luckily, her teammate Sara Poidevin was just a second behind her in the competition.


For such a young athlete, Poidevin is one of the most focused and intense bike racers on the team.


Allison Beveridge was one of the first riders to race aggressively on the circuit, attacking in the hopes of causing a split.


Abby Mickey had third place overall to protect, and teammates to keep her safe on the downtown circuit.


The RiNo Art District’s immense amount of street art really shines. It makes for some truly unique urban scenes.


This piece was an incredible standout in RiNo’s collection.


Former team mechanic and Rally hall of famer Eric Jellum came by with his little ones in tow to get swagged out.


Danny Pate, we will miss you. He brought gravity, goofy, and greatness to the team RV and the road. Chapeau, Danny!


Lauren Hall, another superstar team alum who had their final race in downtown Denver. Chapeau, Lauren!


After nineteen years in the saddle, you would be smiling too.


Take a moment to honor Chad Young and Sean Weide, two Axeon alumni who tragically passed away in recent years. For this personal photographer and race reporter, Weide was a huge mentor and inspiration. RIP to CWY and YD.


Team mechanic Steve Schwartz begins closing up shop on the 2018 Colorado Classic.


The team began Danny’s retirement celebration with a toast that was upended quickly by the wily veteran.


Nigel Ellsay expresses what most every rider and staff on Rally Cycling feels on August 19, 2018 – exhaustion!


Ty Magner finished second in the sprint, a hotly contested one to boot. Magner was half a bike length from the win.


Another rare urban bike racing scene. The Denver circuit did not disappoint for unique angles and colors.


The team races by Coors Field on the front side of the course.


Say “adios” to Rally Cycling’s 2018 edition Acura RDX – the team will be switching over to the newly designed 2019 model after this season.


As the race stretched to single file in the late laps, Rally did an incredible job staying near the front to position Ty Magner for the sprint.


Pate rips through a tight corner. There is something electrifying about a city circuit, sort of the opposite of the Tour’s pristine landscapes.


Its a rare treat to see a peloton speeding across barren downtown streets, through the heart of Denver’s business district.


Evan Huffman’s ink fits in nicely while racing through the colorful RiNo district.


Pate was the first callup in Denver, a serious honor for one of the peloton’s all-time great American riders.


Danny Pate rides to the line for his final call-up. Fitting it came in his home state.


Ty Magner makes last minute adjustments to his complicated earpiece and radio system, secured with tape.


The mood was buoyant in downtown Denver. After six weeks on the road, the boys are ready for a break.