5 years ago by Tom Soladay

Climbing Vail Pass


The men and women of Rally Cycling time trialed up Vail Pass. Starting in Vail Village and with a finish line located at nearly 10,000 ft, oxygen was at a premium, as were the seconds. It may have been the shortest stage, but it would have the greatest effect in the race for the overall yellow jersey. Read our race report to see how things played out on the mountain.


Ty Magner gets to pinning inside the RV. The time trial is a relatively relaxed day for a pure sprinter like Magner.


Sara Poidevin rides the trainer before her TT. Her orange Most Aggressive skinsuit matched her Rally jersey nicely.


Abby Mickey and Sara Poidevin are accompanied by a rare stagiare rider for the Colorado Classic, sixteen-year-old Megan Jastrab.


Rob Britton favors ice socks on both wrists before the TT. There is a major artery in the wrist that is responsible for regulating the body’s temperature.


The mantra is “spin to win” before a time trial. Bottle cages were removed before the actual effort to save weight and improve aerodynamics.


Nigel Ellsay and Rob Britton spin it out in a colorful scene outside the team RV.


Gillian Ellsay rides up Vail Pass and through a miniaturized version of the colorful scene that awaits the peloton on Lookout Mountain for Saturday’s road race.


Gillian Ellsay put in one of the time trials of her life against some of the world’s fastest, finishing third.


Serenity abound on Vail Pass. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!


Sheriff Gumby was on hand to cheer things on.


One thing this guy has never heard: “I need more cowbell.”


Come for the bike race, stay for the beer.


Abby Mickey rolls past the party on Vail Pass.


Sara Podievin takes the posture of many of the best time trialists post-race, one of pure, utter exhaustion.


Emma White bounced back from a crash to finish her time trial. She gets an assist from Performance Manager Jonas Carney after crossing the finish line.


Abby Mickey gets a rare double hug from her parents, Montana natives who made the trip to support their daughter.


Eric Maresjo’s tool case, in impeccable Park Tool blue.


Nigel Ellsay races down from the starting chute in downtown Vail Village.