5 years ago by Tom Soladay

2018 season is a wrap!

Riders and staff share their favorite memories from an amazing year

It was a year of change and a year of firsts for Rally Cycling. It was the team’s first season in the Pro Continental ranks, which opened up a new level of racing around the globe.

We asked the team to share some of their favorite memories from 2018 – what keeps them going in such a demanding sport, how they embody the team’s message of health & wellness, and what’s in store for a team on the rise.

"The highlight of the season was seeing how much the team progressed over in Europe from the beginning of the season to the last races. We started racing as a team and raced like we belonged over there. It was a nice progression and we made huge steps. I think Norway will always be a special moment for me personally. It was a big result, and it couldn't have been possible without the team working together." – Colin Joyce

"Rally has provided a perfect team atmosphere for me to develop as a rider. I am surrounded by people who support and believe in me, and who continually push me to be a better rider. After a great season, I am proud of the work that the team and myself have done, and I am excited for what's to come!" – Sara Poidevin

“Winning my first professional criterium title was definitely my highlight. It's been something I’ve been close to for a long time and to finally win after such an awesome team effort felt great. Being a pro cyclist, I’ve learned over the years it's not just about riding a bike fast. You have to keep track of your diet, your strength off the bike, and most importantly your mind." – Ty Magner

“The highlight of my season was all about the Maple Leaf. Being able to support Katherine Maine as she won her national road title and taking home the crit title myself. In addition to the championships, winning stage two of the Joe Martin Stage Race is a top moment in my mind. It was our first UCI win of the season. It was the first time this year I think we really realized how good we could be and that as Team Director Zach Bell put it, “we had put in many hard miles as a team, we had put in the difficult work” and “we had earned the right to the pressure." – Sara Bergen

“The highlight for me was seeing the entire team constantly improve every race and prove that we belong in these professional races. Every race we learned more and more and I think that showed at the end of the year where we were able to string together several super good results. Not exactly a “special” moment, but I think one thing that will always stick in my mind is starting the year at the Dubai Tour and experiencing my first field sprint with the world’s best leadout trains. The speed was absolutely mind-blowing and quite eye-opening for sure." – Brandon McNulty

“Looking back, this season was absolutely incredible! From the team winning two jerseys at the Tour of California to racing in front of Buckingham Palace, this has been my best season to date. Winning Canadian Road Nationals was for sure the highlight! The whole race was a complete team effort. Coming into the last couple kilometers knowing that my teammates believed in me and counted on me for this one is a feeling I will never forget. I am so proud to wear the maple leaf!” – Katherine Maine

“My personal highlight to the season was winning a stage in the Tour de Langkawi. It was such an unexpected result. 9 times out of 10 on a stage like that the breakaway gets caught. Seeing how happy Wohlberg was after each of those wins was out of the ordinary. He’s normally such a hardass but you could tell he was just really proud of the team." – Adam de Vos

“The highlight of my season is without a doubt the Tour of California. The infinite support for each other was never lacking and other teams noticed it. As a full-time collegiate athlete, I've been forced to find a balance in all aspects of life and this forces me to take care of myself. I am happiest when I am doing well in all of these things so every day, I show up to be the best I can- whether it be a race day, training, or even a recovery day." – Emma White

“The highlight of my season was finishing stage three of the Arctic Race of Norway to find out Colin had won the stage. I had been crashed out the front group and had been riding for teammates all day. Being a professional athlete reminds me every day that I need to try and take care of my body. Everyone should do that and it’s all the better that it helps me do my job.” – Robin Carpenter

"I received nearly everything I have from being a cyclist, pro or not. I owe this sport everything. So when I have the opportunity to share that with people I take it very seriously. I think cycling is an amazing thing that you can do and something that can take you places you never thought possible. I’m old enough to realize just how incredibly lucky I am to be able to do something that I love for a job." – Rob Britton

"He’s not on our team anymore, but I’ll never forget watching Mike Woods win a stage of the Vuelta. Seeing him win and knowing what he had been through and how much it meant to him was very moving. Now that I'm no longer racing, it can be challenging to exercise consistently and eat a healthy diet. Being around the athletes inspires me to take care of myself even when I’m tired and burned out." – Jonas Carney

"The coming of age of our original group of young riders was easily my highlight of the season. Emma White with two podiums at ATOC, Katherine Maine winning Canadian nationals, and Sara Poidevin riding to a world-class third-place finish on Mont Ventoux at the Tour de l'Ardèche. Watching Poidevin turn the screws and leave world-class climbers one by one on the slopes of Ventoux will stay with me for a long time. The grit and intensity was something to experience." – Zach Bell

“The highlights of my season came in both May and August when we split our team between the US and Europe. As a director, we have to look at the big picture of what we’re doing. We had to show we have the depth to call ourselves a Professional Continental outfit. As well, we just needed to prove ourselves at those races to show that we mean business to earn big invites. We’re growing and we have to show that we can be successful." – Pat McCarty

"The highlight of the year for me was how we came out swinging in February’s Dubai Tour. The team’s near miss with Brandon McNulty getting caught with 50 meters to go really showed that we were over there for way more than the participation t-shirt. I simply love this sport. I really believe that active lifestyles goes a long way to overall health and wellness and keeps me out of the doctor's office." – Eric Wohlberg