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Ahead of the UHCCF Century Ride, our pros are fielding your questions!

Do you have any burning questions about health, fitness, nutrition, training – anything really – that you think a pro cyclist could help answer? You’re in luck! To help prepare for the 10th Annual Century Ride, Rally Cycling pros are taking your questions. Our favorites will be answered and posted below. Use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your question.


Q: What should I eat the night before? – John S.
A: Stick with what you know. It's best not to experiment with anything you're not used to in case your stomach disagrees. A good mix of carbohydrates and protein is a good starting point. Hydration is often overlooked and it starts the night before so drink lots of WATER. - Matteo Dal-Cin

Q: How much should I be riding each week? – Claudia M.
A: This is different for everyone based on experience and daily schedule. Riding three to five times a week with varying exertion and distances is important to help prepare for the event. You don't need to hit the event distance in training but you should be slowly working towards it as your goal. - Robin Carpenter



Resources – The team has put together a list of useful resources as your training ramps up.

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